Mthimbani releases 2 diss tracks to DMS & Soshangaan

Mthimbani, Source: Mthimbani Fans (Facebook)

Mthimbani dropped 2 diss songs titled “Nothing is wrong” & “Award” a few days after rapper DJ Snake/DMS dropped an unexpected diss song titled Twenty 20 that was aimed at him.

on the song “Nothing is wrong” the people around Facebook say Mthimbani is responding to a song by DMS as he thinks DMS was taking shots at him on that song.

the other, named “award” Mthimbani pocked fun at his fellow rapper Soshangaan (one of the Tsonga rap pioneers, born in Elim) saying things like “He was mad because Mthimbani has won the award that they were both nominated for”.

Soshangaan released a diss song to Mthimbani some time ago, responding to a diss song Mthimbani reportedly released, before…anyway I’ll write more about their diss songs in another post.

Download “Nothing is wrong” and hear for yourself… here is the Link 👇

Mthimbani – Nothing is wrong Diss DMS – [Prod By Mmp (mthimbani)]

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