DMS Drops a diss song to Mthimbani

DMS – Twenty 20 Artwork

DMS (DJ Snake), a few days back shocked a lot of his & Mthimbani‘s fans by dropping an unexpected diss song that is aimed at Mthimbani after a long time of being mocked by Mthimbani‘s fans saying he’s a coward.

Mthimbani dissed DJ Snake sometime last year, using a beat that was made by rapper Lesson for his song titled “Hi Haters” that Mthimbani later Remixed and named “F*ck Haters” … Lesson was taking shots at some of his fellow rappers including DMS…well, let’s leave all that for another day.

Today we are Talking about DMS‘s diss song, that got the Tsonga Rap/Hip Hop group on Facebook talking, some of the fans were praising and as usual, others were criticizing the song.

DMS‘s song got a lot of people talking, including Mthimbani‘s manager Mr Masingi who seemed to be angered by the fact that his name was mentioned on DMS‘s “Twenty 20” song.

Download “Twenty 20” and hear for yourself… here is the Link 👇

DMS Music – Twenty 20


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